If you’re like me, you have something big you’d like to accomplish.  Healing.  Achieving a financial or personal goal.  Climbing to the top in your career.  Making a difference.  No matter what the goal is, it’s that thing that represents something pivotal to you – it’s a FIRE that burns within you.

It’s your Everest.

With every fiber of your being you KNOW that when you reach the Summit, the panoramic view will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  You will have arrived.  You will experience, hear, and feel that which you’ve never dreamed to imagine and you will forever be transformed.  It’s where you will step into your full potential and leave a legacy.

But, there are things that keep getting in the way.  Not having enough time, feeling like other things in life are higher on the priority list, or maybe you feel like every time you start out on the journey you encounter a fork and you don’t know which direction to go.

I know what it feels like to continuously be at a crossroad – to feel held back by life and my own limitations, or simply feel like I don’t have the knowledge or tools to be successful in my quest.

For years, I struggled to find the keys to the passageways that would allow me to get through the labyrinth and move on.  Too often, I became frustrated with not having the right tools to the point that I wondered if there was a way out.  And, I’ve faced the challenges of feeling this way on the inside while still trying to keep up with everyday life and raising a family.

Interestingly enough, I discovered that the answers that I needed most often came when I thought there was no way out.  I also realized that it was something I came to expect.  “You have to hit rock bottom.”  Does this sound familiar to you?

As someone who is passionate about personal growth and healing, I’ve been through this process time and time again.  Enough trips down the same pathways in the maze and I began to ask myself, “Why is it, that it takes getting to the point where I feel hopeless in order to find a solution?”  It was then that I realized something really important.

When I get to the point where I think that I am out of options there is something really monumental that changes.  Think about it for a moment.  Imagine yourself with a HUGE challenge in front of you.  You’ve considered every option, gone down every path, and you think there’s NOTHING else you can do.  What happens in that moment?


Up until that moment, you’ve been searching – following different paths until you find what you think you already know.  It’s like playing an endless shell game with life.  Is it here?  Is it there?

But when you STOP, everything becomes quiet, you look around, and you start asking.  “WHERE is it?”

It’s in that exact moment that you become aware of any and all options and suddenly, you see something you didn’t see before – the missing element you needed to find your path.  It was always there, it simply needed you to SHIFT your perspective.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait until you hit rock bottom to experience this SHIFT.  It’s all about asking yourself the right question.

Through my blog and Facebook page, my mission is to inspire and empower you to shift your perspective, thereby gaining the InSight you need to find AND create the path to the summit – your best life.